Kent, 2012

Kent, dad of 9 and 5 yr old boys, pictured with his family at Hotel Buena Vista, near the San Jose airport
Cloud Forest, Volcano, Rainforest, Beach Itinerary with private guide

“As you suggested, Kevin was a wonderful guide.

He was always suggesting ideas of things we could do and kept us plenty busy. We got to see plenty of birds. It’s amazing how fast he can spot them and get them zoomed in on his telescope. My boys loved hanging out with him and my oldest is well on his way of becoming a birder himself. I could go on and on, but will wrap up by saying at only 23 years old, it is amazing how responsible and in touch with nature and his country he his.

The trip was exactly what we were after: a good overview of the country without all the touristy stuff. I can’t think of anything we’d do differently. We really enjoyed every town/area and what it had to offer. The beach was a nice way to wrap up the trip. Kevin’s dad Alex [owner Andrea Cristina B&B] was a wonderful host. We enjoyed seeing his animal rehab property, our room, and the animals including the resident sloth. He even invited us to Christmas Eve dinner with his family.”