Lise, July 2015

Mom of 6 yr old
14 day Cloud Forest, Volcano, Rainforest, Beach Itinerary with Combo lodging and an added day at the start of the tour near the airport to recover from jet lag

Some feedback from Global Family’s first family from Norway:

1. Your service and how you responded my requests were well beyond
expectations! Your information both on your web-site and the e-mails you
have sent have been very detailed and informative.
2. I liked the flexibility in choosing both destinations and types of
3. We were very pleased with our guide Luis.
4. Monteverde and Arenal great places. 3 + 2 days perfect. The coffee farm
(El Trapiche) guided tour was really interesting, also for our daughter.
4. Sarapiqui was not as expected. We thought we were going to the real
jungle since you informed that accommodation was basic and warnings that it
was going to be HOT down there. And I think you have used the word “jungle”,
at least Luis said it was the jungle.

When we got there, we asked ourselves where the jungle was, and the only
jungle must have been inside the premises of Posada Andrea Christina. 😉
(I have been to real jungle in the Amazonas of Bolivia, and in Borneo – that
was my references)
Since we did not want to go for another forest-walk, bird-watching or
frog-watching, we were a bit lost of what to do in Sarapiqui, We ended up
with the quiet river-rafting with the travel agency of Andrea Christina,
which was OK.
Besides, it was not that hot and humid, no complaints from our daughter,
that is a good indication that it was fine.

Since the driving from Arenal to Cahuita in one day is too long for
children, I would break the journey with having one night at Andrea
Christina. (The place was nice, breakfast the best, but a bit dark during
One can get to Sarapiqui around lunch, and then in the afternoon do 1
activity (like rafting etc). I would have left the next day.

Cahuita was just fantastic! Also, we saw more animals down there. (Nothing
on the river trip in Sarapiqui, except birds, all of us were “done with
birds”. My daughter only looked for crocodiles!)
There are lots of things to do in Cahuita, river trips, jungle trips, horse
riding etc, so I could easily spend 6-7 days there to include tours, and
skip that 2. day in Sarapiqui.
And the Playa Negra guesthouse was very nice, clean and quiet. The blue
bungalow was fantastic, and had the best location inside the premises.
The owners were so friendly and enthusiastic. Pierre (the man), took us on
sight-seing trip to a couple of places!
They have ATM in Cahuita too, no need to take lots of cash.

Costa Rica as a destination was also beyond expectations when it came to
safety, cleanliness, safe driving, organisation (things were on time,
everything was very professional).
Maybe your “safety precautions” are more directed towards North-Americans; I
had no concerns of anything at all, when we were traveling around or being
on our own.
We could drink the water. It was safe. (We bought bottles still). Food was
safe, no stomach problems at all for any of us.

And the airport procedures in the airport in Arajuela was efficient and
fast! Maybe we had flight times off peak hour, but no big queues, fast
security and fast service for buying the exit-tax. I expected that to be a
I will try to post something on your face-book side later. Our daughter got
our old digital camera, that was really a success! She was a very
enthusiastic photographer and took quite a few really good pictures to be a
6-year old.

Again thanks for your service, and overall this was a fantastic trip for all
of us.