Jennifer, March 2016

Mom of 12 and 15 yr olds
8 day Volcano, Rainforest, Beach Itinerary with Upgrade Lodges

We had a fabulous time in Costa Rica, and that’s saying something because I am a pretty anxious traveler. Not only was the planning and execution positively flawless and the accommodations distinct and unique and just perfect, Luis was a dream. Like literally, there was not one thing about him we would change. It takes a truly gifted person to be willing and able to sit in the car and hang out for days with a family and all its dynamics and just seamlessly fit in, like he’d always been there. He is so down-to-earth and knowledgeable about everything (we actually marveled about this!) and is able to deal with anxieties and questions about mosquitoes (ha!) and zip lining and strenuous walking for those of us not in the best shape. A huge bonus was he is such a safe driver, we even felt comfortable enough to fall asleep during long drives on twisty mountain roads. To be honest, we were more than a little sad when had to go – all of us.

The lodging choices were all so spot-on, I think we all had a different favorite. I cannot think of one thing you could improve. The planning packets and itineraries were everything we needed and more. For once, I did not have to have my face in a travel book the whole time. In fact, not even once.