Rachel, 2012

Rachel, mom of 3 (5 & 3 yrs, 6 months)
10 day Volcano, Rainforest, Beach tour with a combo of Eco-Basic & Eco-Plus lodges

“Thank you for planning the best vacation ever!

We had an amazing time: the places were breathtaking, the people were kind, everything was perfect! We enjoyed everywhere we stayed- each had their own charms. […] I think we enjoyed the hikes through the jungle the most. The hanging bridges were just indescribable. We loved the volcano, hopefully when we go back (we MUST go back!) it will be active again. The food was muy delicioso! The breakfast at Andrea Christina was among my favorites, just something about sitting outside in that garden eating fresh fruit and eggs with homemade bread- wow. The trip ended just right at the beach, where we relaxed and played in the waves, in a gorgeous cottage.

Jose Pablo [guide] was excellent. In a country of people that are as nice as the Ticos it is hard to stand out, but Jose Pablo did. He was unfailingly professional the whole time, but at the end, he felt like family. Great with our kids, he made suggestions that were perfect for them, such as the Ecocentro Danaus, where there was an abundance of cool things to see on a small hike in a secondary forest. Always patient (“we can do the hike, we just have to go slower”), never intrusive, and a great driver. Pura Vida to the end, he is knowledgeable about the land, the animals, the birds and the people. I am glad to have met him and count him as a friend.”