Simon, April 2019

Simon, dad of 3 yr old and 7 mo old
7 day Rainforest and Arenal Volcano tour with drop off at beach resort booked by family

We had a really great trip and thank you very much for organizing it. Your suggested route worked really well as it was a manageable distance for our kids to be in the car at any one time. Jose was a first rate guide and accommodated the pace we wanted to take. He was extremely knowledgeable about birds, plants and wildlife and got on really well with our 3 year old son. Most importantly he seemed trustworthy which is important when someone is around your kids all day for 5 days.

Sarapiqui was peaceful and just as you noted, had lots of nature to see within walking distance of the hotel. The air-conditioned cabin was great and the food was good too. Although Arenal volcano was more touristy, Jose took us to a walking track around the volcano where we didn’t see anyone for the first half hour and also to some beautiful falls to swim in. I really liked the Magic Mountain hotel with the stunning view from the volcano from our room.

The highlight of my trip was the Costa Rican people. They made us feel very welcome and have such a great spirit and never made us feel like our children were a bother. I don’t really have anything to suggest to improve as everything worked really well for us.

Thanks again for organizing the tour