Trisha, August 2018

Trisha + Daddy + 9-6-4 year olds
8 day Rainforest, Volcano Itinerary with eco-Plus lodging

We are so very grateful for Jenny’s help in organizing our trip. Not only did she help us book everything and provide us with advice on everything from accommodations to site seeing and packing, she also patiently answered our questions each step of the way. When our departure was delayed at the last minute (by a full day) Jenny rearranged everything for us. Our guide Luis was also absolutely amazing. He ensured that we were comfortable each step of the way and guided us throughout our visit. It seemed there was not a question he did not know the answer to, from nature, to food, to security, to culture, to politics, and on and on. The whole family was able to learn along the way. Thanks to Luis’ knowledge and approach, the kids were as excited about tree cutter ants as they were about sloths (maybe more!)! Luis also helped us considerably on our last day of the tour, as our youngest wasn’t feeling well during the drive. Luis took charge and made sure that everything was brought back on track. Needless to say, we all grew very attached to Luis and had tears when we had to say good-bye.