Beth, August 2013

Beth, mom of 8 and 10 yr olds
9 day Volcano-Rainforest-Beach Itinerary with Eco-Plus lodging, August 2013

“Our trip to Costa Rica was absolutely wonderful.

We went with our 8 year old son and our 10 year old daughter. They were the perfect ages to take to Costa Rica and they loved the trip. Our guide, Gil, was amazing. He had wonderful suggestions of activities to do with the kids and really worked hard to give us a fabulous Costa Rican Vacation. He is so knowledgeable about the animals and plant life of Costa Rica. We would be driving down the street or out on a hike and Gil would stop to point out a plant or bird or animal. He was so good with the kids, engaging and eager to teach them about Costa Rica’s environment. Our kids picked up on his enthusiasm and were eager to go frog hunting, bird watching or iguana searching with him! Some of our highlights were:

  • Zip-lining in a rainstorm at Volcano Arenal
  • Horseback riding around Volcano Arenal and seeing sloths
  • A river cruise down the Sarapiqui River where we saw American Crocodiles, Caymans, and Monkeys
  • The lizard and frog perched outside our cabin at Sarapiqui
  • A night time adventurous, and very dark, rain-forest tour with our fearless guide, Gil.
  • Swimming in the Caribbean Ocean

We loved how the tour provided us with an opportunity to see so many different environments of Costa Rica. From the Volcanoes, to the Rain Forest to the coast, we really saw the beauty of the country. I would highly recommend using Global Family Adventures and Gil for your trip to Costa Rica.”