Sue, March 2013

Sue, mom of 10, 8 and 6 yr old
14 day Cloud Forest, Volcano, Rainforest, Beach Itinerary, March 2013

“I wanted to thank you for your work in ensuring we were well taken care of, which we were.

I’m going to share some of my thoughts for whatever they are worth. Firstly, Jose Pablo was incredible. Gracious, kind, KNOWLEDGEABLE. Can’t praise him enough. He was punctual, respectful, helpful…the list goes on.


  • LOVED Arco Iris. We had our own cabin. White faced monkeys were in the tree outside the building that breakfast was in.
  • We all enjoyed the cheese factory.
  • The Bat tour- really good! The guy who runs the place is so passionate about bats that it is catching! A little dense on information to start but a great learning experience. We went when the bats were being fed, so it was great for the kids to watch that. The restaurant upstairs was really good.
  • Morpho was our favorite eatery in Monteverde. Food was better than the Treehouse.


  • Montana de Fuego Lodge was perfectly situated to see the volcano once the clouds cleared.
  • Kids loved the waterfall hike. I think they counted 460 stairs (give or take a few.)
  • EcoCentro Danaus-possibly my favorite activity. Perfectly sized area for the kids, great concentration of plants and animals alike. Great photo op of a caiman that was lounging just feet from the path.


  • Hacienda La Linda Zip Line- Abby and I LOVED this. 14 ziplines, Abby (6) did all but 2 on her own. It was only the two of us on the tour and we had a blast. Area was beautiful, went over the river a few times. Really great.

Overall, we really enjoyed our trip. I had been reading “100 places that will change your kids’ life” on my kindle during our trip, and hadn’t seen Costa Rica on the table of contents. As I was clicking through the book I came across “canopy” and there you were being quoted! So we feel great about our trip, and can cross Costa Rica off the list of places to take the kids.