Sara, May 2012

Sara, mom of 7 and 9 year old
7 day custom tour to coincide with Dad's business trip in San Jose, May 2012

We had an incredible, life-changing trip.

Luis was amazing. He was patient and passionate about showing us all Costa Rica has to offer. We loved the balance of our trip- it was great to start “off the grid” in Sarapiqui. Tirimbina had tons of wildlife, none of which we would have spotted without Luis.

Our kids kept journals and logged something like 54 different types of animals we saw in about 5 days. Tremendous experience that would not have been as great without Luis. He helped us not only navigate the jungles, but also the necessary bathroom stops on the

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Jen, April 2012

Jen, mom of 4 (13 months to 7 yrs)
8 day Rainforest and Beach Tour, April 2012

“We had a great time in Costa Rica!

I made a little video of our trip. We want people to see how great Costa Rica is and how rich of an experience it can be for kids!

Kent, 2012

Kent, dad of 9 and 5 yr old boys, pictured with his family at Hotel Buena Vista, near the San Jose airport
Cloud Forest, Volcano, Rainforest, Beach Itinerary with private guide

“As you suggested, Kevin was a wonderful guide.

He was always suggesting ideas of things we could do and kept us plenty busy. We got to see plenty of birds. It’s amazing how fast he can spot them and get them zoomed in on his telescope. My boys loved hanging out with him and my oldest is well on his way of becoming a birder himself. I could go on and on, but will wrap up by saying at only 23 years old, it is amazing how responsible and in touch with nature and his country he his.

The trip

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Michelle, 2012

Michelle, mom of 3 (6, 4, 2 yrs)
9 day Rainforest, Volcano, Cloud Forest tour with combo of Eco-Basic and Eco-Plus lodges

“We had a great time! It is hard being back. […]

So many highlights! The first day of the tour we did Poas and then La Paz before heading to La Quinta. The second day we did a boat ride with just our family – it was great having the boat to ourselves – with someone that Luis [guide] recommended, lunch in town, some swimming for the older girls (6, 4 yrs) while the youngest (2 yrs) napped, then the chocolate tour. We ended that day with an evening tour of the La Quinta grounds with Luis, finding frogs, etc.

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Rachel, 2012

Rachel, mom of 3 (5 & 3 yrs, 6 months)
10 day Volcano, Rainforest, Beach tour with a combo of Eco-Basic & Eco-Plus lodges

“Thank you for planning the best vacation ever!

We had an amazing time: the places were breathtaking, the people were kind, everything was perfect! We enjoyed everywhere we stayed- each had their own charms. […] I think we enjoyed the hikes through the jungle the most. The hanging bridges were just indescribable. We loved the volcano, hopefully when we go back (we MUST go back!) it will be active again. The food was muy delicioso! The breakfast at Andrea Christina was among my favorites, just something about sitting outside in that garden eating fresh fruit and eggs with homemade bread-

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Anette, 2011

Annette, mom of Ruben (15 months), pictured with her family at Arenal Volcano
12 Day Custom Itinerary with private guide

“Our holidays were great, everything worked out very well.

Luis is a wonderful guide, driver and photographer and showed and explained us all the plants, insects and animals. Definitely to be recommended! We were very happy with his service.”

Erica, 2011

Erica, pictured here at Poas Volcano with her extended family and 5 year old twins
11 Day Custom Itinerary with private guide

“I just wanted to let you know our trip was GREAT!

We loved the country, loved Kevin, loved the hotels. Thanks so much for arranging.”

Kelly, 2011

Kelly, who traveled to Costa Rica with her husband and 3 and 5 year old kids
9 Day Custom Itinerary with private guide

“We’ve just returned […] I wanted to write to you right away to let you know that we had a fabulous time and that Kevin is truly an amazing guide

he was so great with the kids (and with us) and we felt very taken care of the entire time (well, until we were dealing with Aeromexico and staying extra night in San Jose!). All the hotels had our reservations, all of the rooms were the ones that we selected– perfect!

Thank you for giving us the confidence to travel abroad on an adventurous trip with a 3 and 5

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Peggy, 2010

Peggy, who traveled to Costa Rica with her two boys Gerald & Brent (7, 9)
Custom Itinerary with private guide (lodging not included)

“We had a GREAT time. It was worth it and I hope to go there again.

Thanks for all your help. It worked out marvelous. Luis was just amazing. Volcano Poas, I have no words to describe it. It’s breathtaking. My sons loved the crater and La Paz waterfalls but they loved the blue morpho butterflies the most. The hummingbirds and toucans were awesome. The white faced monkeys!!! Oh my God. We also loved Baldi Springs and ran into a couple of Americans there. Arenal Volcano is beautiful. We capped the tour with Antonio Manuel National Park & visited the

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Nirmal, 2010

Nirmal, who traveled to Costa Rica with her husband, two kids (1, 4) and parents, all pictured here at Tirimbina Wildlife Refuge
Custom Itinerary with private guide

“We really enjoyed CR and would easily go back.

Luis [guide] was good in every sense. On time, polite, worked with the requests of our kids, us, and my parents, treated our bags well. He was friendly to both our kids. His car was clean, comfortable, and safe, and he tied in our car seats very well. He knew everything we asked about and made real efforts to show as much as he could to us. A very good ambassador for CR.”