Anette, 2011

Annette, mom of Ruben (15 months), pictured with her family at Arenal Volcano
12 Day Custom Itinerary with private guide

“Our holidays were great, everything worked out very well.

Luis is a wonderful guide, driver and photographer and showed and explained us all the plants, insects and animals. Definitely to be recommended! We were very happy with his service.”

Erica, 2011

Erica, pictured here at Poas Volcano with her extended family and 5 year old twins
11 Day Custom Itinerary with private guide

“I just wanted to let you know our trip was GREAT!

We loved the country, loved Kevin, loved the hotels. Thanks so much for arranging.”

Kelly, 2011

Kelly, who traveled to Costa Rica with her husband and 3 and 5 year old kids
9 Day Custom Itinerary with private guide

“We’ve just returned […] I wanted to write to you right away to let you know that we had a fabulous time and that Kevin is truly an amazing guide

he was so great with the kids (and with us) and we felt very taken care of the entire time (well, until we were dealing with Aeromexico and staying extra night in San Jose!). All the hotels had our reservations, all of the rooms were the ones that we selected– perfect!

Thank you for giving us the confidence to travel abroad on an adventurous trip with a 3 and 5

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Peggy, 2010

Peggy, who traveled to Costa Rica with her two boys Gerald & Brent (7, 9)
Custom Itinerary with private guide (lodging not included)

“We had a GREAT time. It was worth it and I hope to go there again.

Thanks for all your help. It worked out marvelous. Luis was just amazing. Volcano Poas, I have no words to describe it. It’s breathtaking. My sons loved the crater and La Paz waterfalls but they loved the blue morpho butterflies the most. The hummingbirds and toucans were awesome. The white faced monkeys!!! Oh my God. We also loved Baldi Springs and ran into a couple of Americans there. Arenal Volcano is beautiful. We capped the tour with Antonio Manuel National Park & visited the

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Nirmal, 2010

Nirmal, who traveled to Costa Rica with her husband, two kids (1, 4) and parents, all pictured here at Tirimbina Wildlife Refuge
Custom Itinerary with private guide

“We really enjoyed CR and would easily go back.

Luis [guide] was good in every sense. On time, polite, worked with the requests of our kids, us, and my parents, treated our bags well. He was friendly to both our kids. His car was clean, comfortable, and safe, and he tied in our car seats very well. He knew everything we asked about and made real efforts to show as much as he could to us. A very good ambassador for CR.”

Alison, 2010

Alison, mom of Mason (8) and Adeline (11) pictured here at Arenal Volcano along with their guide Kevin
Custom Itinerary with private guide

“Our experience FAR exceeded our expectations largely due to Kevin’s outstanding guiding.

We feel so lucky that you connected us with him for our trip. We can’t thank you enough for planning and organizing such an affordable and family-friendly trip for us. You met every requirement we asked for—specifically, adventurous but safe. It truly was a life-changing experience for all of us!!”

Helen, 2010

Helen, mom of twin 4 year old boys
Custom Itinerary with private guide

“We had a great trip.

The itinerary worked well for us and Luis was a wonderful guide. Highlights for us were: seeing Arenal laval flow at night, boat ride in Sarapiqui, zip-line in Monteverde (my husband’s fave) and flashlight frog tag at Alex’s inn (Andrea Cristina B&B). The boys had a lot of fun finding all the frogs/toads in the dark.”

Tamara, 2010

Tamara, mom of two (6, 9 yrs)
Custom Itinerary with combo self-guide and private guide

“A month out – we still have visions of our lovely Costa Rica trip with us.

I found a coffee bean in my jacket pocket, an Imperial beer label tucked in with a bunch of work papers, cocoa pods in my kids backpack, and of course we still have some Costa Rica sand in our shoes.

In spite of the travel hiccups [missed flight connection]- we had a great time. Thank you for helping us get through those things as quickly and efficiently as possible so that we could return to having fun.”

Annette, 2010

Annette, who traveled to Costa Rica with her grandchild (11), her neice and her neice's 3 kids (7, 5, baby) some of whom are pictured here horseback riding in Sarapiqui along with their guide Kevin
Custom Itinerary with private guide

“It was a fabulous trip and we appreciate the planning that you did to make this trip easy and enjoyable.

Kevin [guide] and Alex [owner of Andrea Christina B&B] went above and beyond any expectation. Kevin is an excellent driver/guide/naturalist. He relates to all ages very, very well and picks up on US nuances nicely. We all fell in love with him.”

Leigh, 2009

Leigh, dad of 2 year old
Custom Itinerary with self-drive in rental car

“Your trip details and plans were amazing.

All of the lodges were very nice especially La Quinta. My wife and I both agree (and we’ve traveled a lot) that this was one of the best trips we’ve ever been on. Thank you so much for putting together such a well planned trip which was full of adventures we could do as a family.”

“Some of the highlights: Wildlife boat ride in Sarapiqui, La Paz Waterfalls, White sand beach in Cahuita, Sloth Reserve.”